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5D Recruitment have over 15 years technical recruiting experience within the sectors they service. With networks spanning the globe and the ability to tailor bespoke recruitment solutions to suit each client’s needs, we pride ourselves on securing the best talent in the market to positively impact productivity and bottom line profits for your business. Our aim is to build long lasting business relationships where we become a trusted partner in helping you find and retain high quality employees through understanding your values and company culture.

Our Services:

Contingent Recruitment:

What is it?

Contingent Recruitment is a ‘no placement, no fee’ type arrangement where we only invoice when we successfully fill the role.

When would you use it?

  • As an additional source of candidates to your internal recruitment efforts
  • The role is urgent but required to be permanent
  • Where there are multiple sources of candidates being used

Executive Search:

What is it?

Executive Search, sometimes referred to as “Head Hunting” is a structured, detailed and proactive approach to filling a vacancy. It is a high end strategic solution carried out as a targeted assignment on a retained basis.

When would you use it?

  • Senior level roles where exclusivity, confidentiality and utilisation of in-depth executive search skills is paramount to a successful outcome
  • Sensitive / discrete / hard to fill roles where contingent methods are inappropriate
  • Business critical roles requiring a time-framed and focussed proactive approach

Temporary and Fixed Term Contracts:

What is it?

In a fluctuating market, it is imperative to have flexible staffing remedies to navigate through downturns and upswings in order to maintain competitive business advantage. We offer a hassle-free turnkey solution in the provision of temporary or fixed term staff incorporating prompt mobilisation, full payroll management, comprehensive insurances and the convenience of online timesheets. 

When would you use it?

  • Project start-ups, wind downs or bottlenecks
  • Holiday, maternity or long service leave cover
  • Ad hoc urgent or unforeseen circumstances 

Bespoke Recruitment Campaigns:

What is it?

A partnered approach to a specific set of requirements customised to meet key time, budget and business objectives.

Examples of bespoke campaigns previously delivered:

  • Mega-project ramp up where a high volume of key positions were required 
  • Overseas recruitment campaign for commercial and planning staff
  • New divisional start up for multinational contractor comprising of key corporate and site positions 
  • Specialist claims team to assist with contractual closeout of a litigious project

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"I used PJ and his team as a client to find staff, they proved to be diligent and resourceful and only offered me options based on sound background and capability checks on potential employees."